Got the Degree, Now What?

Are you tired of people asking you what you’re going to do with your Degree?  Are you unsure about what you want to do?  Function1 Guidance provides a specialised Career Guidance service for Graduates.

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“I had a Degree but knew nothing about what I could do with it.  Maria went through everything I needed to know as a graduate.  I’m now in a Graduate Programme that I didn’t even know existed before meeting her!”

  • Are you unhappy with your course choice?
  • Do you feel you’re going down the wrong career route?
  • Are you confused about course progression options?
  • Are you unsure of the career opportunities available with your qualification?
  • Are you considering studying and/or working abroad?
  • Are your unsure of your next step – further study or the workforce?
  • Do you know what postgraduate opportunities are available?
  • Would you like information on Graduate Placement Programmes?
  • Are you aware of the funding opportunities available to 3rd level students and graduates?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then contact Function1 Guidance today for expert graduate career guidance.