What Do Past Clients Have to Say about Function1 Guidance?


“After deciding to make a change in my career I made contact with Maria. The service provided is very professional, confidential, efficient and precise. All questions and queries were answered promptly and all advice was practical and thorough.”

Ellen – Professional


“Maria has been calling to us for four years now. We have three daughters, who all needed career guidance. Maria is a great listener and talks to the student (not at them). She creates a detailed profile of the student prior to the meeting and in doing so is able to advise and show the student which courses and degrees they should be leaning towards. Maria has also guided the girls to various companies which they should be looking at for work experience projects. She follows up any meetings with an extensive e-mail including links to career portals and colleges. One is sent to the student and one to the parent so everyone is kept in the loop. I would highly recommend Maria.  She has taught us all a lot and her professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. “

Marianne – Parent


“I got in contact with Maria during my final year at school when the worry of career and college choices began to set in.  I knew I needed career guidance!  Maria enabled me to approach my exams and my future goals with confidence. She provided me with professional but very friendly advice throughout the year and never hesitated to help me with any question or queries I had after our meeting.  I can honestly say that I would highly recommend Maria to any students/parents who may need assistance in this area.”

Roisin – Leaving Cert Student


“Maria met with both my son and daughter. One was very sure of what she wanted to do and about to do her Leaving, the other was 3 years post Leaving and not sure what direction he wanted to take. They were both impressed with the size of the portfolio Maria built for them, following their e-mail correspondence and 1:1 meeting. She was very astute at figuring out their different personalities/passions/abilities. My daughter broadened her direction and employability options thanks to Maria’s advice. My son realised he has more options than previously thought and things are coming to fruition for them both now. There should be a Maria for every student! ” 

Aideen – Parent


“Maria was a brilliant help by providing me with information and guidance regarding the CAO process. Her caring, warm and friendly attitude  was of a great benefit and made me relax and not stress about my decisions. Maria was available to help whenever I needed it, answered all of my questions and put an incredible amount of time and effort into doing this. She’s a fantastic Guidance Counsellor.”

Darragh – Leaving Cert Student


“We were very fortunate to hear about Maria’s Career Guidance service quite early on in the year.  She was unbelievably accommodating and generous with her time with our daughter.  She also spent a considerable amount time with me after their meeting, informing me of the various options available and the rationale behind same.  My daughter really bonded with Maria and was very noticeably reassured after their consultation.  Maria is extremely knowledgeable, capable and competent – with an obvious aptitude and enthusiasm for this area.  I know that our daughter had regular contact with her after their initial meeting and Maria couldn’t have been more helpful – and was really selfless with her time.  It was without doubt money amazingly well spent!”

 Liam – Parent


“Maria was not only very helpful and informative but encouraging and supportive also. Whether you know what you want to do and need information or you simply have no idea I would highly recommend Maria for Career Guidance.”

Natasha – Graduate


“I found Maria to be a truly inspirational individual who seeked to find my true interests and strengths in order to advise me on a career path best suited to me. It was clear from the start how genuinely interested she was that I found the right course that best suited all of my needs, She stands out to me as an extremely caring, organised individual and I particularly appreciated the amount of information she provided me with (both during the meeting and afterwards).  All of these things helped me tremendously while I was trying to choose the right course for me. Her guidance enabled me to feel more relaxed.  In fact, I honestly believe had it not been for Maria I could be opting for a course that simply wasn’t for me.”

Jane – Leaving Cert Student